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Imagine This...

You go to the club with your friends and the club is filled wall-to-wall with hot girls.

You see so many cuties and hotties that you want to talk to...

You have a look around then you see her.

A girl EXACTLY your type.

Your "10."

Your "Dream Girl."

Everything inside you is pushing you to go talk to her, but at the same time, it seems like something is pushing you to NOT go talk to her.

What the hell is going on?

You start beating yourself up and start thinking...

"Why am I such a piece of shit?"

"Why am I being a pussy?"

“Why am I so pathetic?”

"I wanna talk to her, but I just can't...."

“Fuck! Arggghhh!”

I know the feeling.

It's called, "Approach Anxiety" (A.A.) and it CAN be beat!

"How To Beat Approach Anxiety "

With the right mindsets, strategies, and techniques, you can overcome your A.A.

This is why I created the “How To Beat Approach Anxiety” program…

In it I break down…

  • What Is Approach Anxiety (“A.A.”)?

    I will cover what “Approach Anxiety” actually is, why it happens, and what you need to beat it.

  • The Evolutionary Psychology Behind Approach Anxiety

    In this section, I will cover the evolutionary psychology behind approach anxiety so you can thoroughly understand where it comes from so it can more easily be overcome and handled.

  • Inner Mindsets To Get Rid Of Approach Anxiety

    Beating approach anxiety is an INNER GAME task just as much it is an outer game task. In this section, I will teach you the mindsets and principles you need to bust approach anxiety for good.

  • How To Overcome A.A. For Good

    In this section, I will show you from beginning to end how to handle your approach anxiety so it never takes control of you again so you can open the girl and really get to work.

  • Destroying The Fear Of Rejection

    Among others, “Fear of Rejection” is the BIGGEST cause of Approach Anxiety. Here, we will dive deep into this fear so you can get over it and get closer to becoming an approach machine.

  • How To Proceed After Getting Your "A.A. Handled...

    In this section, we will talk about what you need to know once you’ve got approach anxiety handled…

Get Your Mini-Course Now For Only $7

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