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Welcome To Surgical Pickup!

Do you want simple, step-by-step, practical dating advice that actually works?

A big problem with the pickup and dating advice community today is that it has gotten too vague, confusing, and in many cases, straight out "woo-woo."

Instead of no b.s., straight-to-the-point advice, many coaches will fill your head with unrelated ideas, concepts, and ideas that distract you from why you got into this in the first place...

Getting the high-quality women you want.

Surgical Pickup group is for guys who want actual advice and want to get MASSIVE results in their social, romantic, and dating lives.


  • No bullshit advice.
  • No wishy-washy concepts.
  • No woo-woo theory.

Just REAL principles, concepts, and techniques that actually works gets you REAL RESULTS.


Gabriel Grey
Executive Instructor

Gabriel has been practicing and teaching technique-based cold approach pickup for almost a decade. Gabriel has traveled the world and taught thousands of men his unique concepts, strategies, and techniques for attracting, dating, and sleeping with women that have transformed the dating lives of his students. He has become well-known for his technical and analytical approach to the pickup, seeing it as nothing more than a skillset that can be studied, learned, and mastered by anyone. Having internalized the outer game techniques and principles to a CORE level, Gabriel’s style looks deceivingly “natural” despite being heavily technical and completely replicable by his students.

SPU Daniel
Executive Instructor

After being raised by a single mom with no brothers and sisters, social skills and communication with others was source of pain and frustration, until something incredible happened.

Daniel stumbled upon Cold Approach Pickup and has never looked back since. He overcame his internal fears and pushed this art to the ends of earth! News of his skillset and insane pulling results spread through the community like wildfire and it wasn’t long before he was plucked by Surgical Pickup to become one of their Executive Instructors.

His unique blend of technique based game with underlying belief system of a true alpha male has resulted in testimonials from his students that are out of this world! Taking each student by the hand he clearly demonstrates and helps them internalise how to get one of kind results with gorgeous women!

Vision, Mission & Core Values

Problem: Men are not getting the simple, practical, step-by-step advice they need to improve their social and romantic lives.

Mission: "To Transform the social and romantic lives of one million men with simple, practical, step-by-step advice.

  1. Student-Obsessed - Our success is dependent on the success of the student.
  2. Integrity - Always do the right thing.
  3. Commitment - Our grand vision can only be accomplished through hard work and focus.
  4. Personal Excellence - Be proactive, take initiative, and do your best.
  5. Teamwork Excellence - We operate with win-win situations in mind.
  6. Add Value - Always go above and beyond to help – underpromise, over-deliver.
  7. No Ego - Always be open-minded and willing to learn.
  8. Honest Feedback - Be brutally honest and transparent, even if it hurts, it helps.
  9. Continuous Self-Development - The success of the customer and the success of Surgical Pickup starts with the individual.
  10. Legit Company - This is a real business – always behave professionally.