Affiliate Overview

Last Updated on May 14, 2019


Want to make money with Surgical Pickup?

Want to get paid every time you help sell a product, course, or program?

You're in the right place.

Surgical Pickup has something called an "Affiliate Program" where you can make money every time you convince someone buy something.

Here's how it works:

  1. Sign up using the directions below (it's free to join!)...
  2. Log in and get your special, unique link to any Surgical product, course, or program...
  3. Send the link to someone who you think is interested...
  4. After they buy, you will get a commission/percentage of what they spent! (some products you can make up to $300 per sale!)

It really is that easy.

We have affiliates that are literally making thousands of dollars just by recommending our products to other people.

YOU could literally start making money today.

If you also would like to become an affiliate and make money with Surgical Pickup, take a quick few minutes and follow the 5 easy steps below to get started now!

What you will need:

  1. Surgical Pickup Affiliate Account (via ThriveCart)
    1. Tutorial: How To Become An Affiliate
  2. Signup Links
    1. Surgical Method - Click Here To Become An Affiliate
    2. Structured Game 101 - Click Here To Become An Affiliate
    3. How To Beat Approach Anxiety - Click Here To Become An Affiliate
    4. The Definitive Guide To Opening - Click Here To Become An Affiliate
    5. Social Hacker Summit - Click Here To Become An Affiliate
    6. Surgical Elite - Coming Soon
  3. A PayPal Account For Payouts (If You Don’t Have One Already)
    1. Tutorial: How To Signup For PayPal
    2. PayPal Signup Link
  4. Link Your PayPal Account To Your Affiliate Account For Payouts
    1. Tutorial: How To Link Your PayPal Account To Your Affiliate Account
  5. *How To Make Sure Your Affiliate Link Is Up-To-Date & Working (Do This EVERY TIME Before You Send Your Link To Someone Or Else Your Sale Will Not Be Tracked & You Will Not Get Credit Or Commission For Your Sale)
    1. Tutorial: How To Make Sure Your Affiliate Link Is Up-To-Date & Working

IMPORTANT REMINDERS: Read & Abide To The Surgical Affiliate Rules

(Not following these rules will result in revoking your privileges as an affiliate)

  • Do not post or comment your affiliate links in the Surgical Pickup group
  • Do not spam private message your link to people
  • You will receive your commission payout 30 days after the purchase (after the customer’s refund period is over). It is important to market and sell the product accurately to properly manage the customer’s expectations and help protect from refunds
    • Example: if you get someone to buy the product by telling them there are 100 infields when in fact there are 10 infields, the person will most likely refund and you will not get commission.
  • *ALWAYS make sure your affiliate link is up-to-date and working. Check your link everytime before you send it to a potential customer or else your sale will not be tracked and you will not credit or commission for your sale.
    1. Tutorial: How To Make Sure Your Affiliate Link Is Up-To-Date & Working

FAQ: "Why Isn't My Affiliate Link Working?" Or "Why Wasn't My Affiliate Sale Tracked Or Credited Towards Me?"

From ThriveCart Support Team:

An affiliates promotion URL is available from directly in their dashboard:
The only way these links would change is if you're changing the URL to your cart page in your product settings here:

If affiliates are not getting credited with sales, then this can be down to a number of reasons and I'll cover these below in the order of most common

  1. Not using their correct affiliate URL. The system provides your affiliates with a URL that they need to use to promote. This URL is important as it drops the cookie that associates them with the customer. This URL when redirects to your target URL with ?affiliate=xxx at the end. We have seen that affiliates try and share this URL that they're redirected to, however this will not track sales. It's simply a URL with a UTM value added to it.
  2. Not approved for the product the customer buys. If you have multiple products in your account and affiliates are sharing their link for Product A, if the customer buys Product B and the affiliate isn't approved to earn commissions for Product B, they will not earn anything for that sale.
  3. Customer clicks the affiliate link on device A but then buys later on device B. This can happen in cases where the customer clicks a link on their mobile, but then later goes back to purchase on their computer, but directly to your site/checkout without clicking the affiliate link again.

How To Get People To Buy Using Your Affiliate Link

  • Become a recognized value-giving member in the Surgical Pickup community and/or Facebook group – and – the general PUA community. This will help you build your authority, likability, and trust with others.
  • Help people and answer their questions with Surgical Pickup concepts, strategies, and techniques.
  • If you ever get on a 1-on-1 conversation (either on a Messenger app, in-person, on the phone, or on Skype with another person that is very interested the Surgical Pickup way of doing things, ask them if they have the course yet. If they don’t have the course yet, you can tell them that you have a private link to purchase it at a 40% discount that might be taken down at any time (this discount really will only be around for a limited time as we plan to raise it up to $997 in the future).

RESOURCE: Book On How To Sell

Affiliate Payout

Here is a breakdown of the affiliate commission rates:

  • 100% for Structured Game 101
  • 100% for Social Hacker Summit
  • 100% for How To Beat Approach Anxiety
  • 50% for The Definitive Guide To Opening
  • 50% for Surgical Method
  • 40% recurring for Surgical Elite

Affiliate Payout Requirements

  • Commissions are paid after a 30 day "cooling off" period (due to potential refunds or cancellations).
  • The "Ready For Payout Today" commission summary line must be $50.00 or more at the time the commission report is generated.
  • Affiliate Payment Preferences must be set up in the affiliate account. You will be paid via PayPal.

Affiliate Accounts with Paypal as their payment option will have commissions paid weekly (on Tuesdays or Wednesday), with a minimum $50 threshold, after the cooling off period mentioned above.

Affiliate Rules

  • It is ABSOLUTELY VITAL that every affiliate adhere to the HIGHEST POSSIBLE STANDARDS of Ethical & Legal Conduct during this promotion.
  • Tracking is Cookie based- last cookie gets credit for the sale. The Federal Trade Commission has recently more clearly defined best practices for affiliate marketers, and it is our position that all affiliates of Surgical Pickup (SPU) must use these guidelines and regulations as Standard Operating Procedure during their endorsement or promotion.

Step 1 - Download and Review the FTC Document for Endorsement Guidelines:

Step 2 - In addition to the FTC Guidelines, please observe the following Best Practices: When you promote, make sure you:

** Include your Affiliate Disclaimers and Disclosures. The bottom line is, if you make a sale via an affiliate link, it’s because you're getting paid to do so – be honest about that. Include these disclaimers during email or advertising promotions.

** Include your relevant Privacy Policies on sites that you are promoting CF with.

** Include your Terms of Service on sites that you are promoting CF with.

** Include your Forward Looking Earnings Statements on sites that you are promoting CF with.

** DO NOT SPAM (Do NOT send JUNK or UNQUALIFIED TRAFFIC to this offer)

** Don't TWITTER SPAM or Social Media Spam

** Don't misrepresent yourself as a "typical result" or as a "typical customer" when you promote this offer

** Be transparent and authentic – We'll treat your prospects with MASSIVE RESPECT!

Please review our full affiliate agreement.

Important Notes:

  • There will be NO commission payments paid on PERSONAL USE Sales of the Product - meaning, if the only purpose in joining this affiliate program was to get a commission on a sale for Personal USE of Surgical Pickup, that's not cool. We do track and reconcile every sale – and in cases where an affiliate has a single sale to themselves, commission will NOT be paid on that sale. That's simply NOT FAIR to the affiliates who have promoted in good faith only to have one of their prospects join the affiliate program to get their own commission and cut the original affiliate out.

If you have any questions about this, please contact