"The ULTIMATE Field Report Template"

The 1 Learning Hack
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Imagine This...

You drag your feet into your bedroom after another long night of going out...


You plop down on your bed – exhausted – and think to yourself:

"What the FUCK just happened?..."

"Why are none of these girls liking me?..."

"What am I doing wrong?"

You bury your face in the palm of your hands....

Filled with frustration and confusion and complete disappointment with yourself.

I know exactly how you feel.

I have conversations with new students every single week who tell me they've been suffering from the same sticking point for 6 months, sometimes for over a year, keeping their game (and their results with women) STUCK where it is.

The truth about sticking points is that they shouldn't take you more than a week, sometimes even ONE DAY to tackle so you can move onto other things in your game.

Here's the big problem:

Guys just don't know how to methodically break down their interactions effectively and identify...

  1. What they're doing well (to reinforce and strengthen the good habits that they already have)
  2. What their sticking points are (*hint: usually what they think are their sticking points aren't their REAL sticking point at all)
  3. Having a step-by-step game plan to go about TACKLING said-sticking points and get the girls that they got in this for in the first place)

Guess what?

During my "come-up," I developed the PERFECT "sticking-point buster" system to accelerate my own learning process in game.

After trying and testing how other people write field reports...

Keeping what works...

Throwing what didn't...

Developing, refining, and perfecting it to get the MAXIMUM value from each night out, using it for years, I developed...

The ULTIMATE Field Report Template.

The Field Report Template Includes:

  • How to systematically break down all of your sets to see what you did well, what you didn't do well, and the most important lessons to pull from each
  • How to PROPERLY write your field reports to squeeze every drop of value from all of your interactions so "no stone gets left unturned"
  • How to pinpoint, laser in, and DESTROY your sticking points forever to you can start seeing the results that you want

Why Is It Free?

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I am seeing WAY too many guys missing this key piece in their learning process, which is why they are progressing WAY slower than they should be.

The truth is, I’ve decided to give it to you for FREE because I want to see you get good at game as FAST as humanly possible (seriously).

Stop WASTING your nights out and start 10X'ing your your progress and results with women.

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"The ULTIMATE Field Report Template"

The 1 Learning Hack
Pickup Instructors Used To
Get Good At Game 10X Faster