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Imagine This...

You know what it’s like…

You’re walking on the street…

You’re strolling through the mall…

You’re in line for coffee…

Then you see her.

A super cutie just going through her day.

You think to  yourself, “Okay, I wanna talk to her…”

You’ve made the decision that you’ve wanted to do it.

Then another thought stops you.

“Shit. What do I say?”

This is a TERRIBLE place to be because every second, every passing moment you’re figuring out WHAT TO SAY just to start the conversation…

(1) The more anxiety that will build up

(2) The more likely she’s going to walk away or an interrupt is going to arise

(3) The more likely she’s going to see you hesitating which lowers your value and attractiveness

I hate to say it, but the most common sticking points in game is not what you think. It’s not attraction, connection, or even pulling.


Although they would never admit it, most guys in the community (97%+) still have trouble opening.

Even if they CAN open, they are doing it the wrong way.

Or even they are using the wrong openers in the wrong situations.

(Yes, your opener DOES matter.)

Very specific situations call for very different kinds of openers.

Beyond that, they don’t even know how to DELIVER the right openers.

Eye contact.

Facial expressions.

Voice tonality.

Vocal projection.

KEY FUNDAMENTAL things besides the actual lines.

Little do these guys know that the BAD openers they are using that they think are original and spontaneous are being use so often that it actually triggering auto-pilot responses from girls where they have no choice but to reject them for their overused lines.

I cover ALL of the things that you need to know, learn, and practice so you can be an opening MASTER…

"The Definitive Guide To Opening"

With the right mindsets, strategies, and techniques, you can learn, refine, and MASTER your opening.

This is why I created “The Definitive Guide To Opening” program…

In it I break down…

  • Introduction To Opening

    In this section, I will cover what “opening” REALLY is, why it’s important, and the key mindsets behind it.

  • The Different Types Of Openers

    How many different kinds of openers are there? Why are there so many different types?This module will cover all of these questions so you know which openers to use and when…

  • BAD Openers That You Should Never Use

    Contrary to popular belief, your opener DOES matter. There are very common openers that guys use that is sentencing them to inevitable rejection. What are these openers and why are they actually making your job HARDER? This section answers exactly that.

  • Key Opening Mindsets

    Effective opening is not just strategy and technique, but also MINDSET. In this section, I cover certain mindsets and key beliefs that you need to have to get your opening to peak proficiency.

  • Opening Fundamentals

    No pickup or sexual relationship can being without opening, which is why it is such a KEY fundamental that every guy should master. In this module, I cover the overarching themes and underlying fundamentals of opening.

  • Opening Non-Verbals: Eye Contact, Facial Expressions, Body Language, Voice Tonality & Vocal Projection

    Let’s face it, opening is not just lines. There is SO MUCH INVOLVED while opening ie. eye contact, facial expressions, body language, voice tonality, vocal projection, and much more. In this mega-section, I cover ALL of these non-verbal skills to add a 3rd dimension to your opens to make your pickups appear more organic and “natural.”

  • How To Practice Opening In & Out Of The Field

    Now that you have EVERYTHING you need on how to open, how do you actually practice, refine, and MASTER this key fundamental? In this section, I discuss the different ways to practice in the field and at home for minimal risk and MAXIMUM results.

  • INFIELD Video Example Of The Different Kinds Of Openers

    “Talk is cheap,” which is exactly why I included a 43-MINUTE infield compilation and breakdown so you can actually see all the openers IN-ACTION and so you can model them while you’re in the field.

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