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The Truth About Your Sticking Points

The most common sticking points in game…

Approach anxiety…



Showing intent...



And everything in between…

All come down to one thing.


Guys just don’t know how to structure their interactions or their game.

The average guy approaches a girl (if he's able to approach at all) with the plan to be "natural," be "himself," and crack jokes so she can see how "funny" can be.

He's hoping the girl will let him passionately express himself so she can see how "unique" he is and IMMEDIATELY know that he's the one she wants to go home with.

He goes in expecting to “wing it” without a proven game plan and hoping for the best – as if his life was a Hollywood script:

  1. Hot girl notices him...
  2. Hot girl “likes him for him"...
  3. Hot girl grabs his hand, and they skip off into the sunset together.

It’s delusional beliefs like this that keep the average guy sucking for YEARS without progressing or any real, tangible results.

Not having structure and technique in your game affects EVERYTHING and is main the cause of you not getting the girls you want in your life.

Introducing "Structured Game 101"

In this mini-course, I give you the STEP-BY-STEP Game Plan of HOW to structure your game. I also include a cheat sheet with *8 Mental Models* that every guy should have running in his head every time he approaches a girl.

  • Cheat Sheet: 8 Mental Models That Will Change Your Game

    I will cover and break down the 8 Mental Models that will drastically improve your understanding of game and clarify what you should be thinking about when talking to a girl and when to execute specific techniques.

  • Structured Game vs. Natural Game

    In this module, I reveal what the pickup industry doesn’t want you to know about natural game and why structured, technique-based game trumps ALL other styles of pickup.

  • Techniques Trump Lines

    “What’s your line when (x) happens?” is one of the most-asked questions I get from students which is the the root of an even BIGGER problem. In this section, I discuss the importance of focusing on techniques NOT lines, and how understanding techniques makes memorized “lines” irrelevant to getting the girls that you want.

  • How To Learn Game Efficiently & Effectively

    Aside from lack of structure, what’s another reason 97% of the pickup community sucks at game? Simply put, they learn the wrong way. In this video, I reveal how to learn and practice game the RIGHT way so you can get the results you want quicker.

  • How To Really Achieve “Advanced Game”

    “Advanced Game” is a vague term that is thrown around the pickup community all the time. What does it really mean? In this segment, I explain what advanced game REALLY is and how you can achieve it in the shortest amount of time possible.

  • SPECIAL BONUS: Exclusive Surgical Method Preview

    In this FULL-LENGTH 1-hour & 45-minute video from my “mega-product” Surgical Method, I reveal one of the most POWERFUL concepts of game that 99% of PUA’s are missing. While most guys are trying to “get attraction,” this one concept will get girls to become attached and OBSESSED with you, and in some cases, even “fall in love” with you (seriously).

Get Your Mini-Course & Cheat Sheet Now For Only $7+ All Free Bonuses

Still Unsure?

I’m so confident that you will learn so much from the Structured Game 101 mini-course and cheat sheet that I am giving you the "30-Day, IRON-CLAD, 100% Money-Back Guarantee." You can potentially get the product, go through it multiple times, study it, take notes, try the material for 29 days straight, and after that, if you’re still not satisfied with your results, I’ll be more than happy to refund all your money back – no questions asked. That is how sure I am that this training will help you to get the quality and consistency of girls you’ve been looking for.

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Get Your Mini-Course & Cheat Sheet Now For Only $7+ All Free Bonuses