10 Hacks For The Best Pickup City In The World

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EVERYTHING I Learned About
How To Crush It In "Sin City"

Before you come to "Sin City, you NEED to read this guide to ensure that you CRUSH it while you're in the #1 BEST city for game...

In case you didn’t know, I lived in Vegas for an entire sex-filled summer and met all the insiders and learned all the ins-and-outs and secrets to doing Vegas RIGHT when it came to LIVING and GAMING there.

There are SO MANY weird hacks, trips, tricks, loopholes, and cheats to the city it's not even fair.

That’s why I put together “The ULTIMATE Guide To Vegas Game” to make sure you get the absolute most value and experience possible during the Summit event and any time you decide to come back in the future.

It is my PERSONAL guide on how to run “Vegas Game” with all the tips and insights that enabled me to pull virtually EVERY NIGHT I went out (my students from that time can attest to this). 

With this guide, you will be able to hack “The Mecca Of Pickup” and squeeze out every single drop of value from the city possible…

All of this for only $7...


Get Your Mini-Course Now For Only $7

Introducing "The Ultimate Guide To Vegas"

In this program, I get STRAIGHT TO THE POINT of HOW to crush it in "Sin City." Here's what's included...

  • How To Game Girls In Vegas vs. Other Places In The World

  • Vegas Day Game vs. Vegas Night Game

  • Gabriel's Personal Vegas Strategies

  • The "Vegas Mindset" You Need To Win

  • The Secret "Triple-Threat Technique"

  • The Infamous "In-Venue Lays" (I.V.L.'s): Closing In Bathrooms & Ice Rooms)

  • Where You Should Stay In Vegas: Most Affordable & Best Logistics In "Sin City"

  • Where You Should Game In Vegas: The Only Clubs That Matter In The "Pickup Mecca" Of The World

  • Budgeting For Vegas: How To Get The Best "Bang For Your Buck"

  • Dress Code In Vegas Clubs

Get Your Mini-Course Now For Only $7

Still Unsure?

I’m so confident that you will learn so much from the Structured Game 101 mini-course and cheat sheet that I am giving you the "30-Day, IRON-CLAD, 100% Money-Back Guarantee." You can potentially get the product, go through it multiple times, study it, take notes, try the material for 29 days straight, and after that, if you’re still not satisfied with your results, I’ll be more than happy to refund all your money back – no questions asked. That is how sure I am that this training will help you to get the quality and consistency of girls you’ve been looking for.

What’re You Waiting For?

Again, I've spent several months in Vegas learning, compiling, and refining these hacks, tips, and tricks for you to get it all in one complete, organized, and practical program.

Don't waste ANY time days/nights figuring out everything I already laid out for you here...

Get Your Mini-Course Now For Only $7